Development prospects of CNC precision parts processing industry
Date: 2022-10-28
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Development prospects of CNC precision parts processing industry

High-precision machinery manufacturing technology is known as one of the ten key technologies of the 20th century. It is a key development direction in the 21st century and is highly valued by all countries in the world. Developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the United States have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to independently develop high-precision mechanical parts and technologies. In Japan, high-precision machining equipment technology is the world leader, followed by the European Union, the United States and South Korea.

– High-precision parts manufacturing takes high-precision mechanical parts as the processing object. Under the condition of machining accuracy, systematic and comprehensive theory and technology are adopted to optimize the organic components and structures of the workpiece, such as feeding, processing, testing, and processing, as required, so as to complete the production of parts. Its purpose is to realize the concept of "small machine tool processing small parts", which is different from the manufacturing method and technology of general mechanical parts.

Processing will become the most effective processing method for high-precision parts of non-silicon materials such as metals and ceramics, with the characteristics of high precision, low energy consumption, flexible production and high efficiency. Reducing the size of the entire manufacturing system and precision parts can not only save energy, but also save manufacturing space and resources. It is one of the development directions of green manufacturing in line with energy-saving and environmentally friendly production models.

– Compared with ordinary parts, manufacturing has the characteristics of high technical content (design and production), sophisticated processing equipment, high added value, and small batch differentiation.

– With the development of aerospace, defense industry, microelectronics industry, modern medicine and bioengineering technology, the demand for precision/ultra-precision mechanical parts (feature size from micrometer to millimeter) is more and more urgent, and its special, diversified High-precision mechanical parts and micro-devices and equipment, the functions and material properties used are characterized by the size of the parts, the surface quality of the material structure, the high precision of the shape, the structural shape and the reliability.

– At present, major precision machinery manufacturers exist in developed western countries and some developing countries and regions with relatively high levels of economic development, such as Singapore, which also have major customer bases.

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