What stages does the medical prototype model need to go through?
Date: 2022-10-28
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What stages does the medical prototype model need to go through?

Prototype model proofing is an indispensable process in the process of new product development of enterprises. If there is no prototype proofing in the early stage for trial and error, if the mold is directly opened, the product does not produce the expected effect, which will cause relatively large losses. So what stages does the medical prototype model need to go through? Below, Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory will briefly talk about it, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

First, in the early stage of customizing the medical prototype, we need to design and convert abstract concepts into drawings before we can make a real prototype. Moreover, when we are looking for a prototype manufacturer for prototype proofing, we must provide the manufacturer with 3D drawings.

[**]fter handing over the drawing to the prototype factory, the manufacturer will customize it according to your drawing. In the process of proofing, the number of prototype models will generally be relatively small. In the early stage, it is used for trial and error. If the product is qualified in the later stage, mass production will be carried out. These are some related processes in the process of prototype model proofing. If consumers want to make prototypes for prototypes, they must first prepare 3D drawings and send them to the prototype manufacturers, and then communicate with the prototype manufacturers to let the manufacturers understand the effect and process we need to make, and determine the cooperation and production of prototypes. [**]fter the model, we have to check and accept, and after the acceptance is passed, we will deliver.

Many customers use medical prototypes not only to detect the rationality of product structure, but also to detect market feedback. Therefore, only if prototype manufacturers make good medical prototypes, they can better detect the reasonable structure of products. Sex and customer preferences.

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