What is CNC prototyping? What are the scope of application?
Date: 2022-09-19
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What is CNC prototyping? What are the scope of application?

What is CNC prototyping? What are the scope of application?

CNC is a computer numerically controlled machine tool made of a full-page subtraction according to the numbering program. CNC milling machines can process some irregular objects, while lathes can process round objects. CNC can process some relatively large workpieces. The maximum molding size of the whole piece: it can reach 3000*1200*850mm, which is cheaper than SLA and can meet many types of prototypes.

CNC prototype model making process: accept drawings - write tool path - transfer tool path to CNC machining center - machine automation processing - manual post-processing (grinding, painting, printing, etc.)

At present, it is the most widely used in China and has a higher tolerance for product materials, including plastic processing and metal processing. Plastic processing materials include ABS off-white / black / transparent; PMMA acrylic (colorless transparent / colored transparent / pearlescent / embossed) bakelite (opaque dark, brown / black) PC, PA nylon, PA+glass fiber race steel (POM ) white/black PP milky white; metal materials are aluminum alloy, copper (purple luster), stainless steel, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy.

CNC machining can process product samples with relatively high precision. Bakelite and aluminum alloys are commonly used in the production of jigs and fixtures. The advantages of CNC prototypes: good toughness, high tension, low cost, and wide selection of materials.

For example, if you just need to make a prototype with a simple structure, a board with several openings in it, and the size is not small, it can be made by CNC machining, because CNC is made on a solid board material. Made by subtractive materials, it is easy to cut a few small cuts, and the processing time is short. However, if you use 3D printing, you need to build up a little bit, which will consume more time and be more expensive.

Xiehe Prototype Factory has its own factory, 60 professional management and technical personnel, more than 30 sets of CNC and 3D printing equipment, and has many years of experience in prototyping, small batch production, 3D printing models, complex molds, CNC machining and other processing technology. You can consult the Xiehe Prototype Factory and tell the customer service about your needs. The customer service will give you the most cost-effective product prototype production plan according to your needs!

The scope of application of hand processing

Electronic appliances:

Monitors, humidifiers, juicers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning panels.

Toy Anime:

Cartoon characters, animation peripheral products, miniature car models, aircraft models.

Medical beauty

Medical equipment, beauty tools, nail tools, fitness equipment.

Model aircraft military

Protective masks, high-precision machined products, etc.

UnionPay Security

Cash register, ATM, tax control machine, speedometer, 3G camera.

Car traffic

Car lights, bumpers, seats, electric cars.

Architectural Display

Architectural model, conceptual architecture, exhibition hall layout, display layout.

Craft accessories

PMMA handicrafts, relief handicrafts, ornaments, antique utensils.


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