The development of Shenzhen medical prototype production is inseparable from the support of equipment manufacturers
Date: 2022-09-19
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The development of Shenzhen medical prototype production is inseparable from the support of equipment manufacturers

In recent years, Shenzhen has made great progress in the production of medical prototypes, and my country has become a big country in model manufacturing. In this industry, prototypes are the foundation of all industries.

The revitalization of a country's industry is inseparable from advanced manufacturing technology, and Shenzhen medical prototype production should undoubtedly be ranked first in advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore, its technical level has become an important indicator to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry.

Under normal circumstances, Shenzhen medical prototype production is used in people's livelihood, but in fact it is related to the national strategic health and other industries. Molds also play a vital role.

According to incomplete statistics, a medical equipment factory produces 100 sets of molds a year, and the output value of Shenzhen medical prototype production can reach 300 million yuan. At present, relevant enterprises conduct research and development on the complete set of technologies for material selection, product structure analysis and design, mold design and manufacture, and final product assembly for medical equipment, so as to realize the industrial application of complete sets of medical equipment technologies.

Shenzhen Xiehe Rapid Prototype is a full-process enterprise that provides medical equipment shell figures, thick blister processing, and injection mold design and production. Founded in 2003, the company covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. Our company's current partners include Mindray, Jinkewei, Delikai, Redu and other enterprises. We have saved them a lot of time and cost and have been fully recognized by them. Maybe your company is already using medical shells provided by other companies, but the services provided in the process of use cannot meet your needs, and the price is high, which brings you unnecessary waste. Our company can solve the above problems for you, choose us, you will feel our services, and our fees are also reasonable in the industry. Xiehe is determined to become a company with excellent service in the medical industry, and to become a domestic enterprise that provides full-process solutions for plastic parts. The company's purpose: to build a domestic super medical equipment production supporting enterprise.


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