Guide to CNC Machining Custom Motorcycle Precision Parts
Date: 2022-09-06
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Guide to CNC Machining Custom Motorcycle Precision Parts

Motorcycle enthusiasts around the world are increasingly turning to custom motorcycle parts. Customization is becoming a popular concept, be it car or motorcycle parts, an amazing way to create such parts is through CNC machining. [**]s first-class and reliable, this method promises excellent results. However, there are some facts about the process that potential customers don't know, and what follows is a further look at CNC machining of custom motorcycle parts.

1. Why do you need CNC machining of motorcycle parts?

CNC machining happens to serve a wide range of industries and we can easily use it to replace, replace and even renew motorcycle parts. With our capable team of experts, we can achieve this very efficiently. [**] common case study is dealing with the body cover of a motorcycle, this part is often and easily damaged, it can create scratches and brushes on the road, increasing its wear rate. Therefore, you are likely to find motorcycle owners looking for spare parts or maintenance. CNC machines help us produce these custom motorcycle parts without excessive cost, and once we generate a standard, we can replicate the part as many times as the customer wishes.

2. What do you need to know about CNC machining custom bicycle parts?

Below is a breakdown of the factors behind the boom in custom motorcycle parts through CNC machining.

Growing demand for motorcycle parts

Most manufacturers found a higher demand for custom motorcycle parts. Custom parts have shorter lead times and longer design times, which means delays in manufacturing, especially if you happen to use older methods. Then, you can delay deliveries and end up losing customers entirely, and that's where CNC machining steps in. Once the design is clear and we have the required code set up, we can produce the part within the allotted time.

Our 3-axis CNC and 5-axis CNC machines can handle a variety of machining styles. We also provide custom machining for motorcycles and other cars. We can enhance your motorcycle's features and functions, which help keep your motorcycle unique and rewarding in other ways. Here is a list of parts we can CNC machine in our custom.

Custom wheels

Custom engine parts to help your motorcycle perform top-notch. These include cylinders, valves, pistons, connectors, cranks and camshafts.

Coolant custom jacket

Custom motorcycle headlights

Custom seats, body covers, engravings, patterns and dents.


[**] common misconception is that both parties lose out on custom parts. In this case, the parties involved are the manufacturer and customer of the custom part, a concept that is a myth because custom parts may seem expensive at first glance. However, more and more customers are involved in the production process, and some even know the exact cost of custom motorcycle parts right from the design stage.

Calculating the final cost of customization is not as simple as you might think. Since it's close to building something from scratch, you can choose everything, which may include the design's materials, grades, colors, complexity, and quality, all of which have a direct impact on cost to varying degrees. Fortunately, adding CNC machining as part of the custom process doesn't have much of an impact on cost. We recommend that any client working on a long-term project work with a professional CNC machinist.

3. What are the benefits of CNC machining parts for motorcycles?

It achieves the precision of the parts

CNC machines with multi-axis capabilities set new benchmarks in quality. [**]dditionally, they reduce production time while still achieving the required level of precision, which is critical when dealing with certain machine parts such as engines. Despite the need for a glossy custom motorcycle engine, its functionality remains a top priority. Customers also have the option to test the strength and function of the frame, body and wheels, which require coating through processes such as anodizing. We can easily handle this process with our CNC lathes.

Maintain component reliability

When it comes to reliability, custom bike parts are just as good as what you buy off the shelf. The only difference is that you will get custom parts for your motorcycle. The ones on the shelf are standard and for general purpose, they may not offer the personal touch you may be looking for. If you have any questions about CNC machining of custom parts, please contact us.


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