The reasons that affect the accuracy and speed of prototype processing
Date: 2022-11-01
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The reasons that affect the accuracy and speed of prototype processing

Affect the processing accuracy and processing efficiency of the rapid prototype, not only in addition to CNC machine tools, but also from the reasonable processing route, into skills, route settings and knife selection and other aspects of reasonable choice, programming skills and dimensional precision rapid control and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. The following Shenzhen Xiehe rapid prototype processing plant to introduce the influence of rapid prototype processing accuracy and speed of the reasons.

1. Programming skills

NC programming is the basic work of NC machining, and the pros and cons of prototyping programming directly affect the final machining accuracy and machining efficiency of the machine tool. It can start from several aspects, such as clever use of inherent programs, reduction of cumulative errors of CNC system, and flexible use of main programs and subprograms.

(1) Flexible use of main program and subprogram

In the processing of complex molds, it is generally processed in the form of one mold and multiple pieces. If there are several identical shapes on the mold, the relationship between the main program and the subprogram should be used flexibly, and the subprogram should be called repeatedly in the main program until the processing is completed. It can not only ensure the consistency of processing dimensions but also improve its processing efficiency.

(2) Reduce the cumulative error of the numerical control system

Generally, the incremental method is used to program the prototype, which is based on the previous point. In this way, continuous execution of multi-segment programs will inevitably produce a certain cumulative error. Therefore, try to use absolute programming when programming, so that each block is based on the prototype. The origin is the benchmark, so that the cumulative error of the CNC system can be reduced and the machining accuracy can be guaranteed.

2. Reasonable setting of processing routes

Reasonable setting of processing routes and processing sequences is an important basis for optimizing the programming of prototype processing. It can be considered from the aspect of the machining path and the method of feeding. When carrying out CNC milling of the prototype, it is necessary to select the appropriate feed method according to the technological requirements of the prototype to ensure the cutting accuracy and processing efficiency of the prototype. When milling the outer contour of the plane prototype, the cutting-in and cutting-out routes of the tool should be arranged. Try to cut in and out along the extension line of the contour curve to avoid knife marks at the junction. At the same time, in the milling process, down milling or up milling should be selected according to the situation of the prototype.

3. Tool selection and correct installation

Whether it is CNC machining or ordinary machining, the tool directly acts on the prototype, so its selection and installation are the main factors for the machining accuracy and surface quality of the prototype. In particular, the prototype is processed on the CNC machining center, and the tools are stored in the tool magazine in advance, and once the processing starts, it cannot be replaced at will. Therefore, the general principle of tool selection is: easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high durability and high precision.

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