How can CNC precision parts processing manufacturers improve the qualification rate of parts
Date: 2022-10-26
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How can CNC precision parts processing manufacturers improve the qualification rate of parts

The qualification rate of parts processing plants is closely related to the quality of CNC precision parts processing. If the qualified rate of spare parts processing is too low, the competitiveness of the product can be imagined. Therefore, the pass rate is the lifeline of the supplier!

To improve the pass rate, the design of spare parts processing must be correct. Design must be grounded in reality. The starting point of the design should be conducive to the processing of the parts processing plant, and cannot be separated from the actual CNC precision parts processing. If the design drawings are difficult to achieve under the existing conditions, they will be scrapped.

To improve the pass rate, the process of parts processing must be reasonable. Doing a good job in the layout of CNC machining parts can not only improve the production efficiency of parts processing plants, but also ensure the qualified rate of products. Reasonably calculate the materials required for each workpiece, reasonably arrange each process, and make mistakes step by step.

To improve the pass rate, the spare parts processing practitioners must have experience. CNC precision parts processing is very particular about experience. The master can get the processing drawings and analyze whether the drawing design is complete and accurate. The precision of the surface of the parts, the integrity of the surface, and the process requirements can be achieved under the existing conditions of the parts processing factory. This kind of skilled operation experience greatly ensures the quality of the product. Pass rate, which many new employees do not have.

To improve the pass rate, we must pay attention to the details of spare parts processing. Select the appropriate feed rate, the workpiece cutting amount must meet the requirements to complete, accurately select the tool angle, accurately use a variety of measuring tools, and follow strict requirements. If every detail, the employees of the parts processing factory can strive for perfection and do every process meticulously, such a pass rate must be guaranteed.

In the process of precision machining, there are many CNC machining processes that need to be mastered. These crafts are also a continuous learning process, and many of my friends are self-made little experts. From the first day in this industry, you need to learn the precautions of CNC precision parts processing. Here are some considerations for manufacturers of CNC precision machined parts.

First, it is important to select tool points. In precision machining, many tools are used, and tools need to be replaced frequently. When arranging the tools, special attention should be paid to the selection of the first tool. In order to avoid empty knives, try to cut knives on the outside of the blank, and you can choose the height and specified position arbitrarily. The first knife is often more laborious. Broken swords and bullet swords may appear. You need to gain experience to control.

Second, remember to handle emergencies. If the tool clamping length is too long, the diameter is too small, the feed rate is too large, and various emergencies, such as falling, bouncing, grabbing, etc., must be paid attention to and handled flexibly. Especially for tool grabbing, when the machining radius is the same as the tool radius, the external dimensions are inaccurate. You can use a small diameter knife and then switch to a larger one, one step at a time. If the depth is large, it must be processed in layers.

Don't forget the final overcut check. Too much cutting is also common and must be avoided as much as possible. If the toolpath is simulated once and the direction of each toolpath is checked repeatedly, without this step, do not start precision machining. During the milling process of CNC precision parts, if overcut occurs, the cutting point can be changed.

Of course, the employees who have just started the operation are emotional about these CNC machining processes and precautions. With the accumulation of experience, the rational understanding of CNC precision parts processing continues to deepen, which can be flexibly applied and dealt with.


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