CNC precision machining method determines performance and quality
Date: 2022-10-24
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CNC precision machining method determines performance and quality

1. Processing technology

CNC machining equipment is indeed the best. Regardless of the type of CNC lathe used, the electronic computer components are the "field operators" and CNC machining can now process a wide variety of materials. Gone are the days when people used levers and pushed buttons.

2. Shorten cycle time and reduce human capital costs.

The improved manufacturing automation technology of CNC, which can write programs without the use of terminal equipment, is conducive to reducing the dependence on mechanics and operators, and can also meet production requirements. Whether producing a hundred or thousands of CNC machined parts, CNC equipment is designed for greater precision and accuracy.

Operators maintain special tools, load parts, and perform offline hands-on operations such as grinding and quality inspection. Since the operator is in charge of production, it is assumed that the operator has access to several CNC machines. This structure allows novice operators to increase productivity and develop specialized skills over time, which is important when the human capital pool of experienced mechanics continues to decline.

3. CNC application

The flexibility of CNC machining can be used to process a variety of materials and may benefit from metalworking, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, power generation, marine, transportation, entertainment and consumer goods, military/defense, industrial equipment, and more. As such, it helps companies of any size compete in the creation of custom machined parts and designs. In addition, high precision tolerances can be achieved repeatedly, building customer confidence.

4. Improve the performance and stability of special tools

Often, countless identical parts are required. This would not be possible without the precision of a CNC. While traditional basic machining is acceptable in some areas, other industries require dimensional tolerances as small as +/- .0005.

When the production part approval process is in progress, everything is in place to produce repeat order information again and again. The fixture is set.

Special tools are ready and the program flow is certified. The quality step has been very timely. Today, the equipment uses the same cuts and maintains the same high quality.

5. Quality

The quality of CNC precision machined parts is unmatched. It works 24 hours a day and requires only preventive maintenance. Advanced software is relatively easier to meet design specification revisions for complex parts. Additionally, extensive testing of complex CNC precision machined parts ensures the use of high quality machining and advanced technology to meet customer quality requirements.


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