Why is there such a large demand for prototype production in the medical industry?
Date: 2022-10-24
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Why is there such a large demand for prototype production in the medical industry?

Why is there such a large demand for prototype production in the medical industry?

Today, I will explain some data to support this view. [**]ccording to statistics, about 15% of the medical instruments and equipment owned by medical and health institutions nationwide are products from the 1970s and 1970s, and 60% are products before the mid-1980s. This also indicates that they need to be updated, and in the process, it will ensure the rapid growth of China's medical device market in the next 10 years or even longer. Referring to the data, the prospect of the prototype of the medical device industry is still very good, and there is still a lot of room for growth. Let's review the future of our medical industry prototype.

[**]ccording to the relevant plans of the new medical reform, the Ministry of Health, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, will invest 100 billion yuan to support the construction of about 2,000 county hospitals, 5,000 central health centers and 2,400 community health service centers across the country. Carry out centralized procurement of medical equipment. Therefore, the development of prototypes in the medical industry is relatively stable.

Before the prototype production of medical products, the design and processing of medical products are extremely critical. The medical product casing can not only protect the internal parts of the medical product, but also relate to the touch and texture of the medical product, which plays a key role in improving the external image of the medical product. However, in the process of designing and processing medical product casings, various problems will also be encountered. Once these problems are not handled properly, they will have adverse effects on the medical product casings. Let's briefly talk about the design and processing of medical product shells.

Design and processing of medical products

The product's shape design, material and raw material, manufacturing and processing technology are the key factors related to the appearance design and processing of medical products. The shape design of the medical product casing should conform to ergonomics and meet the requirements of the internal structural design of the medical product. On the basis of ensuring the establishment of the function of the medical product, it should be novel, concise, beautiful, and achieve an ideal visual effect. In addition, the shape design of the medical product casing should not be too complicated, and the manufacturing difficulty should be minimized to facilitate production.

The selection of materials and raw materials for the casing of medical products is very particular, and appropriate materials should be selected according to the actual needs of medical products. The selection of materials should be based on the physical and chemical properties of the materials as the basic design criteria, and these properties will be related to the selection of manufacturing processes. Because there are mutual influences in load-bearing, formability, machinability, connection, heat treatment and surface treatment. In most cases, any of a variety of materials and processes can produce compliant medical products, and alternative materials and processes can be identified through predictive analysis of “bottlenecks” due to material shortages or insufficient available processes, It will greatly improve the manufacturability of medical products.

In the process of designing and processing medical product shells, the cost budget of medical products is an indispensable issue. Excessive cost will put huge pressure on the company, and it may also have a negative impact on the market competitiveness of medical products, which is not conducive to promoting the market sales of medical products. Therefore, the design and processing of the medical product shell should strictly control the cost and choose the appropriate solution within the budget. Naturally, there are still many problems in the design and processing of medical products. Different medical products have different design and processing of their casings. This requires designers to consider various factors in accordance with the actual situation and combine various factors, select a reasonable scheme design, thoroughly solve various problems in the design, and ensure the efficiency and quality of the design and production of medical product casings.


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