Introduction to several types of rapid prototype
Date: 2022-09-29
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Introduction to several types of rapid prototype

Introduction to several types of rapid prototype

The most popular prototype models in the market are metal prototypes and plastic prototypes. The proportion of metal prototypes is getting higher and higher, and the application fields are becoming more and more extensive. So what are the common metal prototypes? Today Xiehe model tells you the common application range of metal rapid prototype:

1. Special fixtures and mechanical action function prototypes for electronic and electrical factories;

2. Vehicles, motorcycles, ships and other vehicles and prototypes of various parts and components;

3. Metal parts prototypes for telephones, fax machines, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, access control and other communication products;

4. Prototype models of household metal electrical appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.;

5. Prototype production of various hardware and metal mechanical parts;

6. Various hardware and casing medical equipment, B ultrasound machines, electronic instruments, metal prototypes for large and small parts of medical equipment;

7. Metal parts of aerospace and military aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles;

8. Metal lamps and lighting prototypes;

9. [**]utomated robot prototype.

The quality of the Xiehe prototype processing factory is leading in the industry, directly hitting the pain point!

When many clients need to carry out prototype proofing services, they often encounter various pits - some prototype factories are not accurate enough, which affects the accuracy of trial and error; some prototype factories have poor appearance treatment effect. , so that the client's participation in the exhibition has no effect, and the time is wasted, and the exhibition fee is paid in vain.

Prototype proofing service first

For the Prototype Proofing Service Factory - Xiehe Prototype Model Processing Factory, only by continuously improving the quality can we attract more large customers to come to consult. This is probably the legendary "law of attraction". what kind of client. With this attitude of pursuing quality, actions are taken - such as the introduction of Mazak flexible production lines and the establishment of dust-free workshops, which are all conducive to improving the accuracy and appearance of prototypes.

Prototype processing factory client satisfaction

Prototype proofing services cannot be treated as ordinary standardized production. Because the prototype made by the client is different every time, if there is no strong quality awareness, it is easy to smash the product. Therefore, Xiehe model is very attentive in this aspect, from the procurement of raw materials to the inspection before shipment. Only in this way can clients be satisfied.

Prototype processing factory passed the inspection

Therefore, excellent quality is the correct solution for the prototype proofing service. To achieve this step, the manufacturer needs to have excellent processing equipment and a strong sense of quality, and the Xiehe prototype processing factory happens to be such a manufacturer. Quality can be persistent effort. If you want to know more about the level of service provided by the manufacturer, you may wish to visit the factory.


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