[**]pplication of CNC machining aluminum alloy precision parts in aerospace
Date: 2022-09-27
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[**]pplication of CNC machining aluminum alloy precision parts in aerospace

[**]pplication of aluminum alloy precision parts in aerospace

[**]luminum alloy is one of the commonly used metals in life, and now it has a pivotal position in the electronics industry, but did you know it? [**]luminum has a long and successful history in the aerospace field. Since the invention of large practical rigid airships in the 19th century to make aluminum alloy frames, this has brought the lightness, corrosion resistance and durability of aluminum alloys into people's sights. Over the next hundred years it became one of the most used metals in aviation.

Due to the appearance of aluminum cylinder blocks and other aluminum engine parts used by the Wright Brothers, the development of aluminum alloys in aerospace has also been promoted. However, due to the development of large jets and international flights in the past few decades, the requirements for casing and engine parts have become higher and higher, which has prompted the development and use of aluminum alloys with higher durability and wear resistance. 

What are the aluminum alloys commonly used in aerospace?

[**]luminum alloy 2014: It has excellent arc and resistance welding functions, but the corrosion resistance of the cut method is often used in the internal structure.

[**]luminum alloy 2024: It has high-quality wear resistance and high tensile strength of about 470Mpa. It is mainly used for sheets such as fuselage and wings.

[**]luminum alloy 5052: This is the aluminum alloy material with the highest strength and high ductility, suitable for various shapes. It also has excellent corrosion resistance.

[**]luminum alloy 6061: Due to its relatively strong and light weight, it is the best choice for light aircraft to make fuselage and wings.

[**]luminum alloy 7050: has high corrosion resistance and high fracture resistance. Commonly used in wing skins and fuselages, especially military aircraft.

[**]luminum [**]lloy 2219: This is a less common aluminum alloy that has good weldability, but the weld requires heat treatment to maintain corrosion resistance. Its applications are, for example: the external fuel tanks of the first successful launch of the space shuttle Columbia.

[**]luminum [**]lloy 6063: This is an aluminum alloy primarily used for complex extrusions, where only aesthetic and architectural finishes exist in the finer details of aircraft.


[**]lthough the status of titanium alloys in the aerospace industry is gradually rising, industry experts are optimistic about the future of aluminum alloys in the aerospace industry, and it is expected that the demand for aluminum will double in the next decade.


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