What causes deformation and cracks in the production of prototypes
Date: 2022-09-21
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What causes deformation and cracks in the production of prototypes

No matter what product is made, the manufacturer is more worried that the finished product will be flawed. Prototype production is also faced with such a problem, that is, during production, I do not know what causes deformation and cracks in the production of prototypes. For this problem, Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory will give you a brief explanation. You can refer to it and see if it is It is not these reasons that cause deformation and cracks in the production of prototypes.

1. To prevent the deformation of the prototype model, it is necessary to make the thickness of the prototype uniform and the shape symmetrical during the design. In the production process, the method of simultaneous solidification should be used. This method can reduce the internal stress of the prototype, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing deformation. In addition, the measures to prevent deformation of the prototype model with a longer shape are the measures of anti-deformation. Its principle is to eliminate the stress of the prototype with the same pre-deformation amount in the opposite direction.

After the prototype is deformed, there will be a certain residual stress inside. The stress should be relieved before the rapid prototype is processed, and the internal stress can be eliminated by using stress annealing and natural aging.

2. Most of the hot cracks of the prototype are caused by its mechanical stress, which are cracks caused by the solidification of the metal. The solution is to improve the structure of the prototype to reduce the contact surface with the metal, and another method is to control the sulfur content of the metal to increase the hot brittleness of the metal.

3. The cold crack of the rapid prototype is a crack generated at low temperature, which is mainly caused by the deformation of the rapid prototype, and the main thing is the place where the hand plate is stretched. Cold cracks are generally very small, and cold cracks often occur in the production of large and thin prototypes. The prevention method is to reduce the internal stress and control the content of phosphorus in the metal.

Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory introduced that in the process of prototype production, the production of non-deformed prototypes requires experienced prototype personnel to better handle prototype deformation cracks and other problems. If you want to find a formal and experienced prototype manufacturer, please consult Shenzhen Xiehe prototype processing factory: +86 13682610409.


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