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Date: 2022-08-31
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How to choose a better CNC machining partner

Every day, we have many new customers. Additionally, with many customers looking for the right new supplier every day, working with a contract manufacturer is a relationship that is often likened to marriage. For both customers and suppliers, finding the right match is the key to happiness. Therefore, it is very important for us to understand how our customers can choose a better CNC machining partner and how to judge whether we are right for them and whether they are right for us.

Xiehe always shares these key tips with our customers to help them choose a better CNC machining factory for their projects, Xiehe is committed to CNC machining services and metal fabrication production, whether your order is a single part or small batch production, we will help you provide the same quality service, become the best partner.

Here are a few tips for choosing a better CNC machining partner.

1. Have better CNC machining partners

Usually, customers can ask the supplier about the size of the workshop, the number of employees, the number of different machines, and the annual sales. For some large projects, clients will arrange to visit the factory floor, which is an essential factor in our client's review.

2. Quick response to quick orders

For some customers, before choosing a new supplier, they must understand whether the factory has the manufacturing capacity to accept quick orders to meet market demand. Here, Xiehe can ensure that we respond to your quotation within 24 hours. As usual, our product lead time is 3-10 days for normal order, in case of emergency, we can work flexibly and arrange in advance to always complete your project on time.

3. Minimum order quantity requirements

If it's a new project for a client, they always want the supplier to have a lower MOQ requirement, which can reduce the client's risk. At Xiehe, whether your order is for a single prototype or a small batch, our team provides some great service.

4. Quality level control

It is indeed an important factor that the customer understands the quality level control status of the supplier. Quality is the life of a product. The customer always needs a sample first to know the quality level of the supplier. At Concord, our QA team requires us to implement a stricter quality system than ISO.

5. Design and engineering support

Most new clients will hand over their new projects to new suppliers. If there are any good suggestions for new projects, they need design support from suppliers. Also, when there are some urgent changes, the vendor's design support can help with this. At Xiehe, our engineering team is always providing additional design, engineering advice, and more for production purposes and cost-reducing solutions.

The above are five key questions that customers focus on for better CNC machining partners. From them, clients will judge whether you are the right person for them. Likewise, we can also judge whether they are the right match by communicating with them. Welcome more people to visit Xiehe, let's share more of this knowledge together.


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