Which materials are suitable for high temperature resistant prototypes? How about the prototype factory?
Date: 2022-08-31
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Which materials are suitable for high temperature resistant prototypes?

In the manufacturing industry, many companies have to go through the process of product design - product proofing - product small batch production verification - developing mold - mass production, because prototype proofing can save trial and error costs and shorten delay time. There are many prototyping manufacturers in Shenzhen who are specialized in providing prototyping services for product development companies.

When making prototypes, we often encounter various requirements from customers. Some customers will require high temperature-resistant plastic prototypes, and even some customers require that they can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees. What material can be used to make such prototypes. Today we will introduce to you the materials used in several high temperature resistant rapid prototype.

In the production of plastic prototypes, the high temperature resistance is better, of course, it is the PPS material. Its molding temperature is about 300 to 330 degrees, and the thermoplastic is an excellent engineering material. Its biggest feature is high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties. After we have done a prototype test, we found that the PPS material will not deform at a high temperature of more than two hundred degrees. Therefore, if the customer needs to make high temperature resistant prototype, the priority must be PPS material.

In addition to PPS material, another material is Teflon, which is also very resistant to high temperature. It can keep its original shape at 200 degrees high temperature. Therefore, this can also meet the requirements of general customers. So Teflon is also a very good high temperature resistant material.

In addition, PCC materials can also be selected, which can also be applied to the production of general high temperature resistant prototypes. But the high temperature resistance is not as high as PPS and Teflon. It can withstand high temperatures up to 130 degrees, but in this respect, it is much better than ABS material, so when we make prototypes, different materials have different effects.

We have a customer who uses PCC to make a prototype of a juicer, which has been tested to be able to withstand a high temperature of 100 degrees without deformation at all. If you want to choose a high temperature resistance of more than 100 degrees, it is best to choose the above three materials, ABS may be more easily deformed, and it is not suitable for the production of high temperature materials.

How about Xiehe Rapid Prototype Factory?
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When customers find a prototype factory, most of them want to make high-quality prototypes. After all, there are not many who only care about price. It will be more convincing to find a strong manufacturer. With 16 years of experience and excellent processing equipment, Xiehe Prototype Manufacturing Factory can meet the needs of customers in terms of quality and appearance, thereby helping them to achieve success at the exhibition. a good effect. The prototype factory uses its own experience and enthusiasm to serve customers. While giving them satisfactory quality, they can also enjoy five-star service, escorting customers' new product trial and error and publicity. Of course, if the customer is successful, the manufacturer will naturally get a good reputation. If you want to cooperate with such a manufacturer, you may wish to contact the online customer service on the right side of the page.


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