Selection and precautions of CNC high-gloss mirror machining tools
Date: 2022-08-26
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Selection and precautions of CNC high-gloss mirror machining tools

When machining mirror parts in CNC processing factories, we generally summarize the tools and other precautions: When receiving orders from customers, we generally review the drawings in detail, and combine the structure of parts according to customer input requirements, especially for Curved parts, where the R angle and the plane intersect, will first be designed from the structure of the tool. The advantage of this is that the place where the tool is connected can be free from knife lines caused by the tool. This is very important. Of course, the tool path and feed Giving is also very important. Today we are mainly talking about the tool, and the other is the design of the cutting edge of the tool is also very important, because this has a lot to do with the way of chip removal, we must think about the smooth chip removal, not because of this reason during the machining process. Scratch, of course, the material of the tool is also a very important factor. Therefore, the tool is generally considered from these points, and the mirror surface of the part can be processed well!


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