How much do you know about the role of the rapid prototype
Date: 2022-08-25
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How much do you know about the role of the rapid prototype

Rapid prototype is mainly to investigate the external function of the product, so that manufacturers can understand the performance of the product, to prevent the huge cost of direct mold opening. rapid prototype is not mass production, generally only a few or dozens of production, if you want to reproduce the need to open the mold. Shenzhen Xiehe Rapid prototype processing manufacturers to give you a simple talk about the role of the hand plate model, let you know the importance of the Rapid prototype.

In industry, the rapid prototype is assemblable, which is also an advantage of the rapid prototype. Because in a large level can be very intuitive reflection of the construction and rationality and the difficulty of the device. In order to find the problem earlier, find the method, remove the greater loss.

The rapid prototype is an objective object that can be seen and touched. The key is that the Rapid prototype perfectly reflects the designer's creativity, concept and style, and avoids the "difference between ambition and reality" to a large extent. The expression of the hand plate model is very strong, such as the structure, appearance and function, and so on. It looks very vivid, just like the real commodity.

Rapid prototype is very good to greatly shorten the time of the product, its production has advanced, we can use samples to promote the market before the development of the mold, very good competition for opportunities, and in the early sale, production preparation, early occupation of the market.

The key point is to prevent the risk of direct die opening and minimize the safety and stability factor. We all know very well that the cost of the mold is quite high. If we do not consider the rationality of the construction and the difficulty of assembly before opening the mold, we can imagine the results.

The above is the introduction of the role of the rapid prototype, I hope to help you. Now there are a lot of rapid prototype processing plant in Shenzhen, want to make a high quality rapid prototype, then we must find Shenzhen Xiehe rapid prototype processing plant so reliable manufacturers, to avoid causing greater loss to you.


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