Why are the quotations of different prototyping manufacturers different?
Date: 2022-08-18
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Why are the quotations of different prototyping manufacturers different?

Most companies will find a prototype processing manufacturer to help process a new product and other small parts. Then check and rule out problems in the design of new products, which will save a lot of time and development costs. The cost of direct mold opening will cost a lot. If there is a problem with the new product produced, the mold will be wasted, and reopening the mold will cause a large cost. Therefore, companies developing new products will first find a prototyping factory, and then will find a lot of prototyping factories to compare prices to determine which prototyping factory to produce, but the prices are uneven, why is this happening? The following is an introduction to Shenzhen Prototype Processing Factory to analyze the problem.

There are small-scale prototype processing factories, and then there will be medium-scale ones. Small-scale prototyping manufacturers may be processing factories of several people, and these prototyping factories will offer very low prices. Because there were not many people in the small factory, the orders were not large. So they hope to take more orders and exchange profits for labor. What about the quality? This is not a good evaluation, there are good and bad.

The quotation of medium and large-scale factories will be higher than that of small manufacturers, so where is the high price? There are many factory personnel, each department is complete, and the order volume is also large. Manufacturers without orders cannot last for long. They all have fixed customer orders every month, but why not make fixed customer orders in small factories? Large companies pursue quality processing periods, and the quality is relatively guaranteed, so large companies all hope to do in fixed factories. Prototype, do not want to change frequently, the high-quality service of the fixed factory can save a lot of things.

How can we choose a factory that is more suitable for the price and has guaranteed quality, construction period and service? When contacting customer service, we can learn about a company's information in many ways. Through the experience of production cases and customer service, we can understand the service quality of a company, to see if it is the prototype processing factory we are looking for, whether the quotation is suitable, etc. to evaluate the selected prototype processing plant. It doesn't mean that there are no good factories with cheap prices. It also depends on whether you meet the right factories at the right time.

The above is the compiled information, you can know the reasons for the different quotations of the prototype processing manufacturers. If you want to know more information about prototyping manufacturers, please contact Shenzhen Xiehe prototyping factory to solve the problem of prototyping.


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