The transformation of cnc machining of aluminum alloy casing of 3c electronic products
Date: 2022-08-12
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The transformation of cnc machining of aluminum alloy casing of 3c electronic products

In the era of attaching importance to user experience, more and more manufacturers of mobile phones, notebook computers and wearable devices have begun to make efforts in product casing materials. From the perspective of mobile phones, the material of mobile phone casings is also gradually changing from engineering plastics to metal.

In the evolution of mobile phone casing materials, there have been various combinations: plastic and metal, glass and metal, all-plastic, all-glass, etc., but the end of all-metal materials has not been covered. From the actual touch experience, the all-metal phone does have a great experience in many ways. They look and feel better than other materials.

At present, the all-metal shell of 3c products is basically processed by computer numerical control machine tool CNC. Because of its high efficiency, high precision and stable processing quality, cnc processing has become an essential equipment for 3c shell manufacturers.

The commonly used stainless steel frame processing technology is forging + CNC technology, and forging is one of the metal pressure processing methods. The process of using pressure to change the shape of metal materials to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, shape and size. The whole process of mobile phone frame forging + CNC mainly includes six major processes: forging, sandblasting, CNC machining, nano injection molding, anodizing, and post-processing.

In the era of personalization, Concord provides a wide range of services based on more than ten years, and diameters from .145" (5mm) to 2.5" (65mm). It can complete the fine structure of the metal mobile phone case and provide customers with better 3c electronic product services.


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