What to pay attention to when choosing a prototype manufacturer
Date: 2022-10-25
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What to pay attention to when choosing a prototype manufacturer

The prototype model can be exhibited as a physical model, and it can verify the rationality of the design and reduce the risk of direct mold opening. Therefore, when most companies develop new products, they will still make a prototype model first, then choose the prototype model. What should we pay attention to when making manufacturers? For this question, take a look at the information compiled by Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory. After reading the content, I believe everyone will know how to choose a prototype manufacturer.

1. Price: You can compare the quotations of multiple manufacturers to understand the price range of the prototype model you need. Here, you should remind that the price is not cheap. You need to focus on the reputation and reputation of the prototype manufacturer. So as not to delay the progress of the project because of some price differences.

2. Accuracy: In Shenzhen, there are many large and small scale manufacturers of prototype models. Compared with the past, they can stand out among their peers. The equipment and technology are relatively good. The precision requirements for prototype models must be very high. Such prototype models are generally strong in the region.

3. Quality delivery time: 3D printing processing equipment, and a prototype model manufacturer with relatively complete technicians, so as to ensure the ability to complete the 3D printing processing of the model in time. There are many small workshops with only one or two people and one or two sets of equipment, and they cannot be busy with a little more orders. They cannot guarantee the cycle, and even far exceed the delivery time. If you are in a hurry, the quality of workmanship will not be so in place, which is obvious.

4. Service attitude: make more calls to communicate. It is usually difficult to see what is written in words. You can understand the character and attitude of the other party through the way of speech. If things are similar, you will know whether the prototype manufacturer is good or not.

The above is the relevant introduction of choosing a prototype manufacturer. When choosing a prototype manufacturer, don't be influenced by the price and the manufacturer's one-sided words. You can go to the manufacturer to find out what the size of the manufacturer is and whether it can meet the quality requirements on time. Complete the prototype. If you want to find a Shenzhen Shouban model manufacturer, please call Shenzhen Xiehe Rapid Prototype Processing Factory: +86 13682610409, the price is affordable, the quality is guaranteed, and you are welcome to visit the factory.


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