What inspections need to be done after CNC precision machining?
Date: 2022-10-25
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What inspections need to be done after CNC precision machining?

No matter what kind of precision parts cnc machining is performed on the parts after production, we have to measure all dimensions in production, not only to check the last process, but also to improve the quality of precision parts. In conclusion, the most important thing is to provide the final inspection report to the customer.

1>. Outer diameter

When measuring the outer diameter. Of course, we need to measure and record two parts of a week, the diameter and length are greater than 50mm. It should have a straight check, so use the ruler face to make contact with the OD generatrix. Observe the width of the building and then judge based on the standard light gap.

2>. the inside diameter of

When measuring the inner diameter of precision machined parts, it is only necessary to take three precision parts a week and record them. When the length of the same diameter is greater than 40mm, check the cylindricity first. In the same diameter and length direction, two positions with large spacing should be taken for measurement, and the cylindrical error should be calculated.

3>. length

External thread measurement: The diameter of the external thread is measured with a thread ring gauge or three needles, and the path is detected with a thread ring gauge (general gauge). Internal thread measurement: The inner and outer diameters are checked with a thread plug gauge (general rule). Check the pitch diameter with a thread plug gauge. The large, medium and tail of the line shall be in accordance with the requirements of the precision grade of the pattern. Thread effective length tolerance: according to the requirements of fastener inspection specifications.

4>. Surface roughness inspection:

Use the sample block comparison method for comparison.

5>. Flatness test:

The measurement method is used to detect, and then the three adjustable brackets of the flat plate are placed. Place the precision part measuring side up on the support point and adjust the support point.

So that the three points are so high, the peak-to-valley value measured by the gauge is the flatness error of the plane.


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