[**]nalysis of the reasons for the popularity of small batch prototype production
Date: 2022-10-25
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[**]nalysis of the reasons for the popularity of small batch prototype production

In the prototype industry, vacuum molding is a common processing method, which is mainly used for the customization of small batches of plastic prototypes, and the general quantity is from dozens to hundreds of plastic prototypes. Its working principle is to first use 3D printing or CNC machining to make a prototype, then use this prototype to make a silicone mold, and then use the silicone mold to make batch copies in a vacuum state. So why are small batches of prototypes favored by prototype manufacturers? The following Shenzhen Xiehe prototype processing factory will introduce to you.

1. The price is cheap. If dozens to hundreds of prototypes are made by 3D printing, the processing speed is not only slow, but also the price is high. Because 3D printing is calculated by grams, although the price of different materials is different, it will reach a few yuan per gram. The price of such a number of prototypes is relatively high. However, the use of vacuum complex mold processing is relatively cheap, about tens of yuan a piece, so the cost is much lower.

2. The production cycle is short. Vacuum complex molds are generally used to process small batches. [**]lthough this number is not large, it is also quite large. Generally, there are dozens to hundreds of prototypes. If this number of prototypes are processed by CNC, the cycle is very long. [**]nd if the processing cycle is long, it will inevitably affect the ordering of the prototype factory, and then affect the economic benefits of the prototype factory. This problem can be well solved by vacuum re-molding. [**] silicone mold can be used to replicate 15 prototypes before it is scrapped. The silicone mold of imported materials is more durable, and the silicone mold is relatively simple to make. Even if you want to make 100 vacuum duplicating prototypes, you only need to open six or seven silicone molds. In contrast, the vacuum complex model has more advantages in this regard.

The above is the content shared by Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory. If you want to make prototype models in batches, you must find a regular and reliable prototype manufacturer. [**]fter all, you don’t want to have problems and the prototype needs to be remade. Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory has many years of rich experience, you can rest assured to choose to cooperate with us and achieve a win-win situation.


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