How to control the yield of CNC machining aluminum alloy appearance parts
Date: 2022-09-28
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How to control the yield of CNC machining aluminum alloy appearance parts

We often find that the appearance defect rate of CNC machining aluminum alloy appearance parts is very high. The most direct phenomenon is:

1. Material line

2. Processing knife lines

3. Surface scratches

4. Oxidized trachoma

5. Poor chromatic aberration

6. Dimensional tolerance

This kind of defect seriously affects the supplier's delivery time and cost, so how do we control the yield in reality? The following are my methods for preventing these kinds of bad

1. Material line: The appearance requirements are high, that is, the customer requires sandblasting to be more than 180 meshes. Such parts are most likely to cause such defects due to the problem of raw materials. This is mainly caused by the profile factory, specifically the material Impurity added secondary material in the middle, wrong extrusion die, wrong extrusion method and insufficient pressure of extrusion machine in extrusion plant, etc. [**]s a professional CNC machining aluminum alloy parts processing factory, before each batch They are all able to test materials, and will verify a batch of small batches to evaluate the bad situation. [**]t the same time, it is also very important to find a professional supplier who has done similar profiles, in order to effectively prevent such bad conditions.

2. Processing knife lines: This phenomenon has a lot to do with the processing technology and the master's technology, especially the parts where the curved surfaces are connected. The place where the knife is connected is a test of the master's experience. We directly consider the knife path and the forming knife. Problems, optimizing the process more reasonably can effectively reduce the occurrence of such defects.

3. Surface scratches: The way of clamping and the fixture directly affect this reason. The rationality of the fixture when we clamp and the convenience of the staff when picking and placing are all factors to be considered. Only this factor can be foolproof. Ultimately, using blister boxes or pearls for packaging is an effective countermeasure for effective prevention.

4. Oxidized trachoma: We mainly find that the cleanliness of the packaging method is to keep the processed parts in clean water to remove the oil stains on the surface. We must pay attention to the number of times when the packaging cotton is recycled. Special attention should be paid here to the oxidation plant. The storage time should not exceed three days, because the acid and salt value of the environment of the oxidation plant is too high, and the surface of the parts will be corroded for a long time, which will lead to the appearance of blisters. The other reasons are caused by the oxidation process.

5. Poor chromatic aberration: This phenomenon is the most complicated one. There are many reasons for it. The pressure and method of sandblasting, and the time of excessive sour and salty are very critical. In addition, there is a direct relationship between the toner, the color cylinder, and the sealing time. Controlling the parameters of these processes within a standard is the beginning of color management and the beginning of improving the yield rate.

6. Dimensional tolerance: For precision CNC machining of aluminum alloy parts, if you want to control the dimensional tolerance within the range of 0.01MM, this is also a very detailed control, and the process of cleaning and degreasing is very important. It will cause water stains. If the acid and alkali are too high, the size will be out of tolerance. Next, the sandblasting pressure is also very important. [**]fter these two processes are well controlled, the fine size will not be out of tolerance.

The control of professional CNC aluminum alloy parts manufacturers for appearance parts is the above, and doing the above prevention will definitely increase the yield rate. Thank you!


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