How much does it cost for prototype processing
Date: 2022-09-28
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How much does it cost for prototype processing

Many netizens have consulted us online: how much does it cost for the prototype processing of the prototype. If you want to know how much it will cost for the prototype processing, you need to know whether the prototype is a customized product, the design drawings provided, you need to know the specific size of the prototype required by the customer, and after understanding these relevant data, you need to refer to Other factors calculate the price of the prototype, and the quotation involves the demand of the entire product, because the seemingly similar products, the price of one more process will be different. Prototype model proofing and processing quotations are based on 3D drawings to analyze the product size, and also need to be quoted according to the process and processing time.

The price of 3D printing is mainly calculated according to the weight of the material, plus other surface processing costs. For example, the prototype model you want to make is suitable for 3D printing. We will calculate the raw material weight required for your prototype according to your 3D drawings. Then quote according to the price of raw materials, because the price of raw materials is high and low, and the materials are also graded. It is also necessary to look at the applicability of 3D printing and the needs of customers, and the price of better materials will definitely be more expensive.

If you are making a CNC prototype, you need to consider the specific requirements for the surface treatment process of the prototype. The more processes you use, the higher its price will definitely be. Secondly, look at the size and difficulty of the prototype model. These two factors are proportional to the price of the prototype. The larger the size, the more materials used, the higher the degree of difficulty, the more time-consuming its production process, and the higher the price. Another point is to look at the precision requirements. If the precision requirements are very fine, the equipment and technical and labor requirements with high processing precision will also increase, and its production cost will increase, and the quotation will also change.

So much is said about the question of how much it takes for prototype processing of prototypes. I believe everyone has their own views on the factors that affect product prices. If you want to process prototype models, please call Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory: +86 13682610409.


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