The details that the prototype manufacturer needs to pay attention to when making prototype models
Date: 2022-09-22
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The details that the prototype manufacturer needs to pay attention to when making prototype models

Many customers will find a prototype manufacturer to make a prototype when they need a prototype, because the prototype manufacturer is more professional and has a better control over the accuracy of the prototype model. However, when making the prototype model, the prototype manufacturer also needs to pay attention to some details. Let's get to know it in detail.

1. Determine material properties

High temperature, strong wear resistance, high toughness is required for the material of the product is different, but also requires the entire processing and related materials. If you need a high temperature resistant hand board, it is better to make with pps, which can withstand 300 degrees high temperature; if you do a transparent rapid prototype, then PC and acrylic materials are better.

2. Determine the processing method

(1) CNC machining

The material is engraved and milled on the CNC numerical control technology machining center, and then processed by the skilled hand, and the CNC machined prototype and model are completed.

(2) Rapid Prototyping

SL[**], also known as light modeling or laser curing rapid prototyping, has a large share in the 3D printing market.

(3) Silicone complex mold

The vacuum mode can be a product obtained by various machining methods such as CNC, SL[**], etc. to obtain a prototype, and then replicate the prototype. The reproduction has high precision and good strength, and can meet the design requirements of various functions. For low-volume trial functional parts to reduce cost and mold risk.

3. Determine the surface treatment
There are several other methods for surface processing of the hand model, such as electroplating, sandblasting, wire drawing, etc., but the effect obtained by different price methods will be different from that of the regular version, so we need to determine our own requirements in advance. This way there will be no waste.

The above is an introduction to the details that the prototype manufacturers need to pay attention to when making prototype models. You must pay attention to these details when making prototype models. If you want to know more about the prototype model, please continue to pay attention to the Shenzhen Xiehe prototype processing manufacturer.


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