Prototype manufacturers share the production process of prototype models
Date: 2022-09-22
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Prototype manufacturers share the production process of prototype models

Many products we buy and use now are made through prototype models, and feedback whether the product performance is good or bad. After designing the prototype drawing, hand it over to the prototype manufacturer for processing and customization. Next, the Shenzhen Xiehe prototype processing manufacturer will tell you the process of making the prototype model for your reference.

First, the project manager is asked to check the customer's 3D drawings, confirm with the customer that there are no errors in the drawings, and then propose a processing plan. Hand it over to the programming department to plan the equipment itinerary, and put the raw materials used on the CNC machine for processing and molding. Even if the first step is completed, what should I do next?

It is handed over to the colleagues in the manual department for polishing, and some appearance modifications need to be completed carefully by professional craftsmen, which are the more important intermediate links. The quality of some small factories is not good enough, and then entering the coloring stage, the master of the fuel injection department will colorize according to the customer's renderings. Basically, the production is completed, and then the follow-up quality inspection can be shipped.

The above is an introduction to the process of making a prototype model, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to customize the rapid prototype, you are welcome to find a Shenzhen Xiehe rapid prototype manufacturer to customize high-quality rapid prototype for our customers.


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