The quality of large-scale prototypes is very important for the quality of future product production
Date: 2022-08-19
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The arrival of 2022, there is no doubt that the whole world is looking at China. At the same time, countless production industries are also relying on China. It is an opportunity for our manufacturers and an opportunity to test the quality of products.  Especially in large-scale prototype models, the support of a good prototype factory is especially required. When we process prototype models, we will inevitably encounter some relatively large prototypes, such as automobile prototypes, robot prototypes, and some of them are relatively large prototypes. Of course, there is a limitation in the processing of large-scale prototype models, that is, if it is a relatively small prototype manufacturer, there may be no equipment with a relatively high processing stroke, so there is no way to process the whole piece, only disassembly.

There are many large-scale prototype models, which are made of ABS material. ABS is characterized by relatively good viscosity, so after disassembling the parts and then splicing them back together, the impact on its strength is not particularly large, and if the surface is sprayed again. If there is a layer of paint, basically no traces of splicing can be seen. Although it is said that the disassembled parts have little effect on the strength, and the traces of splicing cannot be seen after the surface is sprayed with paint, but if the whole piece can be processed, it is recommended to process the whole piece. After all, the strength of the disassembled product is not comparable whole piece processed.

Therefore, in order to better meet the needs of large-scale customers, Xiehe Shouban Model Factory has introduced advanced production equipment. Our equipment stroke can reach 2000 mm, and some large-scale prototype models can basically be processed as a whole, so there is no need to worry about prototype models. It may be disassembled and then spliced together, and there will be problems with relatively low strength or splicing traces. As long as you choose Xiehe Shouban Model Factory to make large-scale prototypes, it is guaranteed that the strength and appearance of the prototypes you make are very good, because we can realize the whole processing of large-scale prototypes.

If you search on the Internet, you will find that Shenzhen Rapid Prototype Factory - Xiehe Rapid Prototype has a very good reputation, almost more than 95% of friends have given five-star praise, although word of mouth can not bring orders immediately, but this kind of invisible Assets are more important than tangible assets, because it can make customers more trustworthy, so that new customers will continue to make goods here.

Shenzhen Rapid Prototype Factory reputation

In order to make a good reputation, Shenzhen Rapid Prototype Factory is really willing to work hard. Every aspect of prototyping is very thoughtful. Once there is a problem, it will be solved in a short time. When customers make prototypes on the manufacturer's side, they are concerned with nothing more than accuracy, appearance and confidentiality. In this regard, Xiehe prototype factory can properly handle these problems.

Shenzhen Rapid Prototype Factory has considerable strength in medical prototypes

In order to improve the processing accuracy of the prototype, Shenzhen Prototype Model Factory purchased a five-axis machine, which greatly improved the processing accuracy; in order to have a better appearance, the manufacturer has set up a dust-free workshop; in order to better protect the privacy of customers, Relevant business managers will take the initiative to sign non-disclosure agreements with customers before sending drawings. Compared with small prototypes, medical prototypes have higher requirements for quality, higher requirements for CNC equipment, and higher requirements for processing masters. Choosing a good prototype factory will be more efficient, more reliable and more secure in future production.


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