What is the significance of the stage division of the cnc processing plant?
Date: 2022-11-28
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What is the significance of the stage division of the cnc processing plant?

Everyone knows that when we process in a cnc processing plant, we will divide different stages. This is a question that everyone is wondering about. Why should we divide the stages? Next, the cnc processing factory manufacturer will briefly introduce the significance of the division of cnc processing stages.

(1) Guarantee the quality of CNC processing plants

During rough machining of CNC machining parts, the metal layer cut out is thicker, the cutting force and clamping force are greater, and the cutting temperature is also higher, which will cause greater deformation. [**]ccording to the processing stage, the processing errors caused by rough machining can be corrected by semi-finishing and finishing, so as to ensure the processing quality of parts.

(2) It is convenient to discover the defects of the blank in the CNC processing plant in time

Various defects of the blank (such as pores, sand inclusions, and lack of allowance, etc.) of the blank can be found after rough machining, which is convenient for timely repair or scrapping, and prevents unnecessary waste caused by continued processing.

(3) It is convenient to arrange the heat treatment process

[**]fter rough machining, stress relief heat treatment is generally arranged to eliminate internal stress. Before finishing, final heat treatment such as quenching should be arranged. Distortion caused by heat treatment can be eliminated by finishing.

(4) Reasonable use of CNC processing plant equipment

The allowance for rough machining is large and the amount of cutting is large, so a machine tool with high power, good rigidity, high efficiency and low precision can be selected. The cutting force of finishing machining is small, and the damage to the machine tool is small, so the high-precision machine tool is selected. In this way, the respective characteristics of the equipment are brought into play, which can not only improve productivity, but also extend the application equipment of precision equipment.

The above four points are the significance of cnc processing division, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about the CNC processing factory, please call the CNC processing factory manufacturer, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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