Medical prototype production machine processing and manual comparison
Date: 2022-10-31
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Medical prototype production machine processing and manual comparison

Medical prototype production machine processing and manual comparison

There are many kinds of hand-made craftsmanship, which are generally divided into manual and machine processing according to conventional methods. [**]mong them, machine processing is divided into: CNC numerical control processing, 3D printing, vacuum complex mold processing and sheet metal processing. Each prototype has its own characteristics, and customers can choose the processing method that suits them according to their needs.

[**]s the name suggests, hand-made prototype is to use hand instead of machine to complete the processing. The advantage is flexible processing. It can replace the machine to complete some complex or flexible processes, such as the processing of upside-down buckles and the processing of clear corners, which cannot be completed by machines. However, because the current labor cost is getting higher and higher, labor-intensive industries are facing more and more pressure on production costs, and manual processing is not recommended for those that can be processed by machines!

The advantages of hand-made machine processing: fast speed, high precision, can very accurately reflect the design requirements of the product, so that the structure and appearance follow the designer's concept. There are generally no problems with the prototypes processed by the machine, and some are even better than the quality of the finished products produced in large quantities by opening the mold. Machine processing also has shortcomings, such as the place where there is an undercut that needs to be disassembled and processed, such as some right-angle computer gongs are not in place. Some wall thicknesses are relatively thin, and it is difficult to process the material level below 0.5mm.

The advantages of Xiehe Rapid Prototype:

1. 1 hour quotation, simple piece delivery within 2 working days.

2. Provide third-party prototype processing for many Fortune 500 companies.

3. Our company has German SLS and DLP, [**]merican SL[**] rapid prototyping equipment, [**]merican Stratasys 3D printer, metal powder 3D printer, [**]merican ProJet860 full color 3D printing equipment; CNC machining center imported from Taiwan; Punching machine, laser cutting machine, bending machine, etc.

4. The appearance of the rapid prototype can be painted, electroplated, drawn, silk screened

5. It can be used for 3D printing prototypes, plastic prototypes, hardware prototypes, functional prototypes, appearance prototypes, transparent prototypes, high temperature prototypes, coffee machine prototypes, kitchen appliance prototypes, auto parts prototypes, etc.


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