Why do you need to do prototype proofing?
Date: 2022-10-21
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Why do you need to do prototype proofing?

There are more and more customers who are making prototypes for prototypes. We can learn from the Internet search that the search volume of the word prototype is relatively large, which shows that many customers have this demand. Then some people will ask: Why do you need to make prototypes for prototypes? Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory will simply tell you about this problem, and you can refer to it.

Most customers make prototypes for prototypes to verify whether the design drawings are reasonable, which is what we usually call "trial and error", because the design drawings are just a concept. The loss is huge. Therefore, in order to be safe, many customers will make several samples for trial and error before opening the mold.

Secondly, some customers are doing prototypes for the purpose of exhibiting, because they have developed a new product, but they have not yet started mold production. In order to promote it, they have to make a few samples without the product. Go to the exhibition to attract the attention of customers at the exhibition. If you are lucky, some customers will reach a cooperation agreement in advance.

Thirdly, some customers make prototypes for prototypes in order to sell the prototypes as products, such as medical equipment, and they cannot sell a few units a year. However, the cost of opening the molds is very high. It is better to make structural prototypes, which has low risk. , High profits, there will be no product backlog, why not do it.

The above is the relevant introduction to the proofing requirements of prototype models. There are many prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen. It is very important how you choose a regular and reliable prototype manufacturer. If you don’t know which prototype manufacturer to choose, you can learn about Shenzhen Xiehe The prototype processing factory has been established for many years, with large production scale and affordable prices. You can rest assured to cooperate with Shenzhen Xiehe prototype processing factory.


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