Does CNC machining only process semi-finished products?
Date: 2022-10-17
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Does CNC machining only process semi-finished products?

Regarding CNC machining, some customers may have some misunderstandings. The customer believes that in this process, only semi-finished products can be processed. The raw material needs to be processed to a certain extent, and then the effect of mechanical processing can be achieved during the processing. This is wrong.

In this process, there are many companies that start processing from raw materials. While processing raw materials, various products can also be produced, ensuring that these products can meet the needs of customers after production is completed. In this process, the procurement requirements for raw materials are very high, which does not mean that there are no requirements for the quality of raw materials.

Before purchasing materials, it is necessary to test the hardness of the raw materials, including the various components of the product, whether they can meet the processing needs. Such raw materials are only procured if they meet company standards. CNC machining will be clearer only when customers have a clear understanding of machining.

When customizing CNC machining parts, you will know which machining companies can have such a professional level. After the product has been processed, it can be guaranteed that there is no problem with the use of the product.


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