Prototype manufacturers decrypt the processing process of aluminum alloy prototypes
Date: 2022-10-17
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Prototype manufacturers decrypt the processing process of aluminum alloy prototypes

Many clients have inquired about the processing process of your aluminum alloy prototype? They reported that although they often place orders to prototype factories and have made many prototypes, they do not know the process of prototype production. In this issue, we will introduce the production process of aluminum alloy rapid prototype. The production process of aluminum alloy prototype is divided into four points:

1. [**]fter receiving the customer's design drawings, the first is to review the drawings, focusing on checking the places with relatively high size requirements, that is, the places where the drawings are marked with tolerance requirements. The prototype drawings will generally produce [**]UTOC[**]D drawings, drawn in proportion and marked with accurate dimensional tolerances, and make feasible process routes to meet the requirements of the drawings.

2. [**]ccording to the 3D analysis data, the programmers write the program language to control the CNC machining center according to the established process route, and improve the efficiency under the premise of ensuring the quality.

3. The operator receives the aluminum alloy processing plan, transfers the programmed processing program into the machine, clamps the aluminum alloy workpiece firmly and starts cnc processing, and cuts off the excess part of the workpiece to obtain the prototype of the aluminum alloy prototype.

4. The prototype surface of the aluminum alloy prototype will have many burrs and knife marks. It needs to be polished by manual personnel, polished with polishing paste, or polished with fine sandpaper, so as to obtain a beautiful aluminum alloy prototype.

To sum up, the aluminum alloy prototype will finally do some surface treatment, oxidation, painting, sandblasting, electroplating, etc. according to the needs of clients, mainly to make the aluminum alloy prototype look better. If you want to know more about the relevant information, please pay more attention to our official website, we will update the knowledge content of the prototype frequently, and you are welcome to supervise!


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