Matters needing attention in the design of the prototype model
Date: 2022-10-11
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Matters needing attention in the design of the prototype model

The quality of a set of prototype models depends largely on the design, and there are many reasons for the quality of a set of prototype models. The factory will introduce to you the matters that should be paid attention to in the design of the prototype model, for your reference.

1. The runner method is hot runner, adiabatic runner, no runner, direct glue feeding (two-plate mold), indirect glue feeding (three-plate mold) and other methods;

2. There are many kinds of gate methods, which vary according to needs. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the gate has appearance requirements and flow, balance the bonding line, exhaust and other issues, and whether the size of the gate model is sufficient to fill the entire product;

3. The mold and its arrangement The mold and its arrangement are determined by the projected area, shape, precision, output and benefit of the product. [**]ll aspects are coordinated and restricted, and various aspects are considered to achieve a better combination, and determine the mold base and standard parts;

4. The specifications of the molding machine understand the clamping pressure, injection capacity, mold height, positioning ring size, nozzle radius and mold hole position;

5. Issues such as appearance, processing method, hand model strength, demolding method, cooling method, fluidity, exhaust and other issues must be considered;

6. Parting surface The parting surface is an important part of the prototype design, which is used flexibly by the designer, and must consider the appearance of the product, the ejection method, and the processing of the prototype model;

7. There are sliders, oil (air) cylinders, motors, inclined tips, forced demoulding and other special methods on the side concave. This part is more concave and more complicated in design;

8. Confirm that there are many kinds of plastic materials, determine the material to determine the shrinkage rate, and understand the fluidity to determine the design of the sprue and runner;

9. The material of the hand model is based on different plastics and product requirements, to correctly select the hand model steel in order to meet the quality and life expectancy requirements of the hand model, which requires the designer to have a sufficient understanding of plastic and steel;

10. Find out whether the product map has the conditions for mold opening: mold release slope, shrinkage deformation, and whether it can be ejected.

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