CNC machining parts finishing surface treatment case
Date: 2022-09-22
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One of our clients, they have a metal part that needs a better finish, how should we plate it without damaging the appearance of the part and saving production costs. This is what we want to consider for our clients.

If we will use the common electroplating method (barrel plating) to complete,. Obviously, this result is not ideal. To compare the difference between barrel and rack plating, we tried both processes. After completion, there are some scratches on the surface treatment of the barrel plating parts, which directly affects the beauty of the parts, but the appearance of the parts is very good on the rack plating process parts.

Today, we will share the difference between rack plating and barrel plating for these two new plating methods

What is finishing rack plating of machined parts?

Rack plating is used for advanced process requirements such as copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, aluminum oxidation, and plastic electroplating. The whole line has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, low noise and easy maintenance. Mainly suitable for electroplating tanks of various sizes, it is an automatic line with wide adaptability.

What is Finishing Barrel Plating for Metal Machined Parts? Finishing rack plating of machined parts

Barrel plating adopts high-quality materials, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, safe operation, low noise and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for mass production of various small parts and various electroplating needs. High production efficiency, uniform coating and good quality.

The difference between rack plating and barrel plating process Barrel plating of metal processing parts, rack plating is a process of installing the workpiece on a rack, which is suitable for large parts. There are few products that can be plated in each batch, and the thickness of the coating is more than 10μm.

Barrel plating is the process of loading workpieces into drums, suitable for small parts. The number of each cylinder is large, and the coating is thinner than 10μm.

Generally, barrel plating is carried out in a drum. The biggest difference between barrel plating and small parts rack plating is that it uses a roller, and barrel plating is a loading device that carries small parts to be plated during the barrel plating process.

In barrel plating, the small parts are not stationary within the drum, but roll as the drum turns, which is specific to a particular part of the housing: one is buried in the entire stack of parts, and the other rotates to the outer surface. The cycle continues until the end of the rolling process.

In order to ensure the appearance of the whole part is beautiful, our team of engineers always further check the characteristics of the part, analyze and discuss the best options for the production process, to ensure that we provide the best competitive products for our clients.


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