What are the common reasons why CNC machined parts are scratched?
Date: 2022-09-20
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What are the common reasons why CNC machined parts are scratched?

What are the common reasons why parts get scratched? Many friends from outside the industry are not particularly clear. Today, I will bring you to talk about what are the common reasons for CNC machining parts to be scratched? Hope to be able to help everyone.

1. Some CNC machining parts need to be welded during the production process, and scratches during the welding process.

(1) Before welding, the protective film on the front and back sides of the welding area must be removed to prevent surface defects caused by scorching of the protective film.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to directly contact the surface of the workpiece with the work surface (the grounding place can be treated separately), and can be separated and placed by smooth wood blocks, wooden squares, EPE, etc. Prevent iron filings on the work surface. Welding slag scratches the workpiece.

(3) During the work process, it must be handled with care, not dragged or pulled, and the workpiece must not be placed on the work surface, pallet or ground at will.

(4) The welding place may not be polished, but it should not be polished as much as possible. If it must be polished, the polishing area should be reduced as much as possible.

(5) Grinding should be avoided as far as possible at the unwelded parts. The welding slag splashed on these surfaces can be gently scraped off with a knife. If necessary, the splash area must be protected and isolated.

(6) When the materials are placed, it is strictly forbidden to collide and contact each other, and protective devices must be used for storage and turnover.

2. Injury in the process of material transfer.

(1) When the delivery personnel use hand forklifts and elevators to transfer, they must be bundled with PE plastic wrap before transferring.

(2) During the transfer process, the pallet should be kept as balanced as possible, and the pallet should not be tilted too much to prevent the material from staggering and scratching the workpiece.

3. Scratches during product assembly.

(1) The work surface must be kept clean when working.

(2) When working, you must wear cotton gloves plus disposable gloves and sleeves to prevent sweat and oil from corroding and soiling the surface.

(3) Take it lightly, put it lightly, don't drag it.

(4) When the defective product is repaired, it must be protected by the good product protection method to prevent the occurrence of secondary defects.

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