Shenzhen medical equipment prototype factory - short cycle to ensure quality assurance
Date: 2022-09-16
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Shenzhen medical equipment prototype factory - short cycle to ensure quality assurance

If you want to make prototypes for medical equipment, you need to use a five-axis machine. What is a five-axis machine? Five-axis machines are generally relatively expensive, and many medical prototype manufacturers cannot afford to buy them. However, Xiehe prototype models are willing to invest in this aspect and have introduced 4 five-axis machines. Therefore, when making medical prototypes, the machining accuracy is still relatively high. It can help customers better develop new products and bring new products to market as soon as possible.

Medical prototype factory five-axis machine

Finding a powerful medical prototype factory can allow you to make structural prototypes in a short time, and ensure the quality and quantity, so as to help you make better profits. If you have related prototype production needs, please contact the online customer service on the right side of the page.

The research and development of medical devices is becoming more and more important, and prototypes are an important part of the development of medical devices. As an important means, medical device prototype prototype technology is more and more applied to the development of medical devices. Prototypes can be used for visualization of CAD digital models, design evaluation, interference inspection, and even some functional tests. Common medical equipment prototype production: medical equipment, fitness equipment, B-ultrasound detector, anesthesia machine, blood glucose meter, X-ray machine, hemodialysis machine, monitor, foot health box, etc., including various medical equipment, beauty equipment . What Xiehe Prototype Manufacturing wants to tell you today is the characteristics of CNC-processed medical device prototype models.

Medical device prototype

Prototype samples can enable users to intuitively understand the appearance and performance of products that have not been put into mass production, and can make timely evaluations, so that manufacturers can timely improve products according to user needs and market research, create favorable conditions for product sales, avoid possible losses due to blind production.

For medical device prototype models, we generally use CNC processing, which can very accurately reflect the information expressed in the drawings, and the surface quality of the CNC-processed prototype models is high, especially after the surface spraying and silk screen printing are completed. The products produced after the mold are also radiant. CNC hand plate processing can achieve high processing accuracy, and the surface quality and some minor parts can be well compensated for in the post-processing stage of processing. CNC processing speed is fast, low cost, and applicable scope Therefore, CNC prototyping has become the mainstream process of prototyping manufacturing.


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