Do you know what factors affect the price of prototype proofing?
Date: 2022-09-01
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Do you know what factors affect the price of prototype proofing?

I believe that when many companies or individuals choose a prototype manufacturer, in addition to caring about the quality of the prototype, they are also very concerned about its price. They always want to make high-quality prototypes at a very low price, but the price is very low. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to have high-quality prototypes. Shenzhen Xiehe Prototype Processing Factory introduced that the price of prototype proofing is affected by many factors. The following points are introduced for clents' reference.

1. The number of prototypes, I believe many of my friends know that in general, if you buy something, the more you buy, the cheaper it will be in terms of price, and the same is true for prototypes. Because if you make a prototype, you need to program one time, and the same is true for 100 prototypes, but if the number is large, the average cost of each prototype can be reduced, so there will be a discount on the price. When inquiring from customers, some customers only make one set of prototypes, but they want to calculate according to the price of 10 sets. In response to this problem, the manufacturer will generally explain - first help you calculate according to the price of one set , if you make a larger quantity next time, the overcharged part will be subtracted from the next quotation.

2. The materials used for prototype proofing. Generally speaking, the cost of different materials is also different. The cost of plastic materials is relatively low, while the cost of metal materials is relatively high. If customers have special requirements, they need to customize special Therefore, it may be more expensive in terms of price. For example, some customers need to use pps materials if they want to make high-temperature prototypes.

In addition to quantity and materials, the factors that affect the price of prototype proofing include size, appearance treatment, processing accuracy, and man-hours used, etc. When making quotations, careful analysis is required to obtain a more accurate price.

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