Talk about the quality of stamping and its influencing factors
Date: 2022-08-30
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Talk about the quality of stamping and its influencing factors

What is quality? Quality is divided into process quality and production quality. Process quality refers to the process plan that meets the requirements of producing qualified products with quality. Production quality refers to the production capacity with quality in the production process. Most of the domestic prototype manufacturing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and a considerable number of them are still in the traditional workshop-style production management stage, often ignoring the quality of prototypes, resulting in long development cycles and high manufacturing costs, which seriously restrict the pace of development of enterprises.

Let's take a look at the main factors affecting the quality of the stamping forming of the prototype, namely: the use method of the material, the strength requirements of the structural parts, the quality of the stamping material properties, the fluctuation characteristics of the material thickness, the variation range of the material, the resistance of the tensile rib, Variation range of blank holder force, choice of lubricant, etc.

Comprehensively weigh various factors that affect the quality of the prototype. It is worth noting that in the stamping process, since each stamped sheet has its own chemical composition, mechanical properties, and characteristic values ​​closely related to stamping performance, the performance of stamping materials is unstable, the thickness of stamping materials fluctuates, and The change of stamping material not only directly affects the precision and quality of stamping and forming, but also may cause damage to the prototype.

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Shenzhen Xiehe Factory

Shenzhen Prototype Custom Factory - Xiehe Prototype Factory has been engaged in prototype proofing for 17 years, and has introduced various equipment, such as brother machines imported from Japan, five-axis machines, dust-free workshops and three-dimensional machines, etc., precisely because the hardware is guaranteed. , so the accuracy can be relatively high, and the test results are relatively accurate. More importantly, there is no dust on the surface of the prototype that is sprayed with oil in the dust-free workshop, and the effect of taking it to the exhibition is better.

Which Shenzhen Xiehe Factory to find

Secondly, Shenzhen Xiehe Custom Factory also provides many-to-one service. The so-called many-to-one service means that the person in charge of the entire project serves the customer and is in a group. When encountering problems, they can negotiate in time to improve the efficiency of work. . In the entire prototyping industry, there are not many manufacturers who can provide such meticulous service, and it happens that the Xiehe prototyping factory pays great attention to the service.

Shenzhen Xiehe Custom Factory is to do service

There is a saying that goes like this: Only professionals can become experts. Shenzhen xiehe Custom Factory has only made prototypes for 16 years, and has professional equipment and provides considerate services. It is a choice worthy of reference when you are customizing.


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