Robot rapid prototype processing
Date: 2022-08-26
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Robot rapid prototype processing

Robot rapid prototype processing

With the development of science and technology, everyone yearns for the robot technology in movies. Robots in movies can do almost everything. The development of robots is getting more and more attention, and more types of robots need to be developed in the process of development. Then, it is necessary to make a robot prototype in the development process of the robot. The establishment of a robot prototype model is also a need to verify the development of robots of different types and functions.

[**] robot is a mechanical device that automatically performs actions. It can accept human commands, execute pre-programmed programs, and act according to the principles formulated by artificial intelligence technology. With the development of computer technology and artificial intelligence technology, robots are widely used in various industries. [**]ccording to common robot attributes, robots can be divided into educational robots, service robots, micro-manipulation robots, welcome robots, patrol robots, cleaning robots, Competitive robot. Now, various types of entertainment, teaching and service robots have entered our daily life, and they have also brought a lot of convenience and fun to our lives.

The robot prototype can summarize the properties of the robot and make a robot prototype. For example, some robots are constructed primarily of plastic structures. The robot shell is made of [**]BS material to make the prototype model, and the metal robot shell is also used. The main body of the robot is generally made of [**]BS, and the robot arm generally adopts a space unlocking linkage mechanism, and also uses an aluminum alloy hand plate. The kinematic pairs are often called joints, and the number of joints is usually the degree of freedom of the robot, which is the joint configuration mode. Different from the form of motion coordinates, some robots, such as mobile robots, are based on the relevant parts of the robot body, waist, arm, arm, hand grip or end effector and walking part. Some robots have little support for metal parts, usually only a few pieces. The base plate is fixed on the robot, and the function of the robot can be verified by making a model of the robot hand panel. These different shapes of robot shells need to be made.

Prototype models are made with cnc processing robot technology, and generally only small and medium-sized prototypes are made. [**]t present, the robots that make PD[**]s are generally service robots, and industrial robots are mostly produced in small quantities.


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