Introduction to the characteristics of cnc rapid prototype technology
Date: 2022-08-15
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Introduction to the characteristics of cnc rapid prototype technology

Cnc is a kind of numerical control equipment, which is an advanced processing and production instrument that automatically prints prototype samples after inputting files designed by professional designers. Now many prototyping factories will purchase dozens or dozens of such cnc equipment to make satisfactory prototypes for customers.

The first is the technological characteristics of the cnc rapid prototype machining center. Its characteristics are: as much as possible to complete the multi-process processing such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, etc. in one clamping; using a large amount of cutting. The materials used in cnc rapid prototype processing and production: ABS transparent ultra-high temperature resistance, black, imported, domestic and so on. POM (Saigang), PMMA (Acrylic), MC (Nylon), PC, PP, PA, BT, PVC, etc.

After the workpiece is clamped once, the digital control system can control the machine tool to automatically select and replace the tool according to different processes, automatically change the spindle speed of the machine tool, the feed rate, the movement path of the tool relative to the workpiece, and other auxiliary functions, and complete several surfaces of the workpiece in turn. For multi-process processing, the entire processing process is automatically controlled by the program and is not affected by the operator's human factors.

CNC rapid prototype
Molding features: Large size, high strength, good toughness, high speed and low cost.
Generally, the upper and lower sides of the workpiece are processed. In special cases, the workpiece will be processed on three, four, five or six sides. In the process of processing, we will keep the glue around the edge basket for the product (workpiece), fix the product (workpiece) with the side basket, pour plaster to position the product (workpiece), and process the product (workpiece) and CNC The work surface will not have a bonding effect, which better ensures that the processed product (workpiece) will not be deformed and the material level of the product (workpiece) is accurate.

The second is to pay attention to the issues that should be paid attention to when determining the process plan:
(1) Determine the processing content of the CNC machining center, determine the installation base surface, machining base surface, machining allowance, etc. of the workpiece, and arrange the processing procedures for the purpose of giving full play to the efficiency of the CNC machining center.
(2) For complex parts, due to various reasons such as thermal deformation during processing, internal stress after quenching, and deformation of parts after pressing, it is difficult to complete the entire process after one clamping. Two or more clampings can be considered.
(3) When arranging processing procedures, the principle should be from rough to refined. First arrange heavy cutting and roughing, remove the machining allowance on the blank, and then arrange the content that does not require high machining accuracy.
(4) The cooling method with large flow rate is adopted. In order to reduce the influence of a large amount of heat generated during processing on the machining accuracy, in order to improve the durability of the tool, it is necessary to actively adopt the cooling method with large flow rate.
As a developed manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, many industries are relatively complete, including the prototype processing industry. There are also many manufacturers of prototype processing in Shenzhen. So which Shenzhen CNC prototype manufacturers are professional?

Shenzhen cnc prototype factory
Mr. Wang from Shenzhen established a small company in partnership with others. Recently, a new product has been developed with great difficulty. He needs to find a professional Shenzhen cnc prototype manufacturer to customize, but he found several Shenzhen prototype manufacturers nearby, and the other party said that Mr. Wang The drawing requirements are too high, and no orders are received. So Mr. Wang had to look online. Because this product is very important to them, it is also very cautious to find manufacturers online.
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Then he found the Shenzhen cnc prototype manufacturer Xiehe prototype processing factory. After learning that the Xiehe prototype processing factory has 19 years of prototype processing experience, he looked at the other advantages of Xiehe. He feel that this is a professional and large-scale manufacturer,so he hurriedly started consulting. After a brief communication, Mr. Wang felt that the Xiehe prototype factory was very professional in the process, and he decisively confirmed the order, and then Ms. Chen of the Xiehe prototype factory brought a confidentiality contract and the like. The two sides happily completed the first cooperation in this way. If you are interested in Xiehe, please call +86 13682610409 Xiehe for consultation!


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