Which 3D printing rapid prototype has the best accuracy?
Date: 2022-08-11
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Which 3D printing rapid prototype has the best accuracy?

The accuracy of the 3D printing rapid prototype refers to the accuracy of the comparison between the printed object and the model, which is related to the layer thickness setting, positioning accuracy and spot accuracy, and may also be related to the size of the printed model and the completion time of the model. Accuracy is also divided into precision and precision. In our 3D printing prototype industry, there is no unified standard. We usually say the accuracy is the accuracy, that is, the accuracy of the comparison between the printed object and the model.

3D printing creates parts by layering them on top of each other, manipulating materials from one form to another to create a printed part. There can be variables during processing, such as material shrinkage - during the printing process, compensation must be made to ensure the accuracy of the final part. 3D printers of powder materials usually use binders, which have minimal shrinkage deformation during the printing process, so the accuracy of the finished product is often high. Plastic 3D printing technology typically processes the printing material through heat, UV light, or a combination of both, which increases the risk factor affecting accuracy.

Other factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printed prototypes include part size and geometry. Some 3D printers offer different levels of print preparation tools that can fine-tune accuracy for specific geometries. Some people often use layer height or layer thickness as the accuracy standard for 3D printers, which is inaccurate or irresponsible. It is necessary to look at it comprehensively and speak with the results.

The accuracy of the 3D printed prototype depends on the following factors : 1 . Whether the walking system in the mechanical part is accurate and reasonable . 2 . Whether the software control system is reasonable . 3 . The chassis and base should not be shaken or loose . 4 . Do not choose a walking connection structure of a soft connection such as a belt or a rack belt to ensure that it does not vibrate and does not move during operation . 5 . The machine frame should be firm , preferably an industrially produced chassis . 6 . To choose high-quality stepper motor and perfect software technical support .

High machining accuracy and more recognition from 3000+ customers, why is such a manufacturer not popular. Which 3D printing prototype has the best accuracy? Shenzhen Prototype Manufacturer - Xiehe Prototype Model Factory has been engaged in the customization of prototypes of 19 years and has accumulated rich experience. At the same time, it has a workshop of 5,000 square meters, focusing on the customization of plastic prototypes and hardware prototypes. When processing the prototype, the five-axis machining adopted by the Xiehe prototype factory can achieve a precision of 0.05mm. At the same time, the American CTO guides the fuel injection technology, so the product qualification rate is very high.

In order to reassure customers, Shenzhen rapid prototype manufacturers are willing to work hard in terms of hardware facilities, and also employ many professional technicians, such as Mr. Zhang Xiaohua, Director of Production Department, who has been in contact with this industry when rapid prototype first emerged in Taiwan. Now, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience. In the process of prototype proof, all the problems encountered can be easily solved, so that the quality of the prototype can be well controlled.

It is more comfortable to spend less. No one wants to spend time and energy on things that are meaningless. Shenzhen prototype manufacturer is a practical enterprise. They don't like to brag about themselves, otherwise it will be difficult to get to the present. Xiehe prototype Model Factory may not be lower than its peers in terms of quotation, but it can be guaranteed in terms of quality. After customers receive the prototype, there will rarely be rework, which can be said to be cost-effective.


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